Art 101: A Many Part Series

Art 101: Terminology

The words of art are complex (and perhaps confounding), but not to fear! Your first lesson in Art 101 is here to help you recognize and contextualize common art terms, and thus vastly improve your score in Words With Friends (don’t quote us on that)! Get your learn on!

Juxtaposition – to compare or contrast

“The artist excels at juxtaposing the issues of modernity in her work.”

Pictorial Window – the flat surface the image is painted on

“Her painting focuses on explorations of the pictorial window and its relationship to space.”

Formulist Criticism – evaluating the composition or work

“The artist has a true grasp on the formulist qualities of his work.”

Aesthetics – to evaluate art & beauty of a work

“The aesthetics of the piece created an uproar at the opening.”