Color Story: Yellow + the Alluring Romantic

Yellow represents optimism, confidence, strong self-esteem, extraversion, emotional strength, friendliness, creativity

Yellow + the Alluring Romantic

As a natural free-spirit, you’re often motivated by the external world, embracing the unfamiliar and finding authenticity in emotional expression and feelings. You’re drawn to colors that mimic or relate to the natural colors of springtime — clean, clear and fresh. When deciding on the right shade of yellow in your color palette, look for bright, lemony hues with creamy undertones.

Your color sweet spot: clear, delicate, and warm, fresh colors. 

Did You Know

Based on a study conducted by psychologist-sociologist, and professor of communication theory, Eva Heller (Psychology of Color: how colors act on feelings and logic), Westerners view yellow as the color of ambivalence and contradiction. While often associated with optimism and amusement, yellow also conjures feelings associated with betrayal, duplicity, and jealousy. 

According to a 2000 survey, only 6 percent of respondents in Europe and America named yellow as their favorite color — compared with 45 percent for blue, 15 percent for green, 12 percent for red, and 10 percent for black. For 7 percent of respondents, yellow was their least favorite color. By contrast, yellow is favored in the far east, specifically in China where it is viewed as a color of virtue and nobility.

Physical Effects

Angela Wright, world-renowned expert and author of ‘The Beginners Guide to Colour Psychology’, contends that yellow’s wavelength is relatively long compared to other visible colors and is therefore emotionally stimulating. Psychologically, yellow is considered the strongest color — the right tones of yellow will uplift one’s self-esteem, confidence and optimism. Conversely, too much of the color can negatively impact one’s sense of well-being and foment intense feelings of fear and anxiety.

Color Trivia
  • In marketing, yellow represents optimism and youth
  • Yellow was one of the first colors used in prehistoric cave art
  • Egyptians used yellow extensively in tomb paintings
  • Some studies show that deep yellow tones cause babies to cry
  • Artist J.M.W. Turner was one of the first to utilize yellow to create moods and emotions in compositions
  • In China, yellow represented royalty (in Europe it was purple)