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Mona Loves Gustav
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What is
ArtDNA® ?

Art is personal! Our scientific ArtDNA® Quiz measures the aesthetic preferences that match your personality, sensibilities, and budget.

Walk through a series of art images that measure your taste and preferred visual elements.

Your score maps against millions of data from art lovers and art pieces, allowing us to craft a specific collection for you to discover.

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We’re not like other quizzes. We based the ArtDNA® Quiz on the principles of art philosophy combined with emerging research in cognitive psychology and neuroaesthetics.

We collected data from thousands of participants and insights from subject matter experts to develop a unique understanding of what your visual preferences say about you.

We’re continually evaluating our efforts. When you take the ArtDNA® Quiz, we learn more about the connection between art and science.
Georgia O'Keeffe
Jan Vermeer
Egon Schiele
Leonardo da Vinci
Susan Cray
Joan Miró
Gustav Klimt
Vincent van Gogh
Odilon Redon
Henry Golden Dearth
Lily D. Joseph
Arhat Kalika
Roger Fry
Tatebayashi Kagei
Giorgio de Chirico
Umberto Boccioni
Quentin Massys
Ecole Francaise
Arshile Gorksy
George Bellows
Paul Nash
Wilhelm Leibl
Kazimir Malevich
Dora Carrington
Richard Norris Brooke
Winslow Homer
Christopher Wood
Kitty Kielland
Henri Matisse
Fernand Léger
Jeanna Bauck
Auguste Renoir
Morgan Russell
John Singer Sargent


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Mona Loves Gustav offers a unique approach to experiencing art online. We engage and educate through scientifically relevant content.

We’re experts at connecting people with art. Let us help you connect, too.