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Dan Bina relies on perception as a root in all of his work. Observing the world as part of experience is a fundamental aspect of his practice in making art and in broader terms adds value to his personal existence. Bina’s early training as a painter was based in establishing the visual world on the two-dimensional plane. Much of his work spills outside of this tradition into realms of humor and riffing on internet tropes mashing up the value systems of culture, finance, and desire.

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Crivelli was born in Venice and probably trained with Squarcione in Padua. He spent most of his life in the Marches (eastern central Italy), after periods in Venice and Zara. Crivelli was active as a painter by 1457 when he was condemned in Venice for adultery. ⠀
Fun Fact: Crivelli used the cucumber — virtually absent from Renaissance art — as a signature motif. The apples and fly are symbols of sin and evil and are opposed to the cucumber and the goldfinch, symbols of redemption. Crivelli’s signature is on what looks like a piece of paper attached to the watered-silk cloth with wax.⠀
#CarloCrivelli "Madonna and Child" (c. 1480)
Destiny Belgrave, a Caribbean American, explores race, spirituality, and femininity through intricate paper cuttings. She is a mixed media whirlwind, pursuing what she desires while making the work that comes to her.⠀
#DestinyBelgrave "After the Christening" (2019)
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