Ready to Shake Things Up?

From time to time we all feel the inextricable urge to shake things up. For some it’s trying out a new hairstyle, going vegan (good luck and godspeed), or maybe a new cocktail—for me it’s revamping my art!

No. 1: Have a plan

I beseech you to learn from my countless screwups and have a plan for your shake up. Otherwise, you’ll most likely find yourself staring at a wall that now resembles Swiss cheese, having wasted both time and money. So do yourself a favor, and ask the following:

  1. Do I want to accomplish a certain look, feel, or both?
  2. Do I want to focus on one or multiple rooms?
  3. Do I want to repurpose, or start from scratch?
  4. Do I have a budget?

No. 2: Go naked

Who says you need a frame around a work of art? This is your collection, which means have some fun and express yourself!

Changing out frames gets super expensive, so why not try some different and affordable alternatives? Once you’ve established your priorities and purpose, the fun really begins. Word to the wise: just make sure whatever method you choose won’t damage the work.

Source: Heather Day
Source: HonestlyWTF

No. 3: Break the rules

Besides going naked, breaking rules is my favorite thing to do! Art is all about expressing yourself, so enjoy trying out new things. Think outside the box and try something unconventional!