The Art of Placing Art: Part II

Bring the outdoors in

Location, location, location, it’s the universal rule of real estate and of city-living! City dwellers may sacrifice space and nature for their urban proclivities, but when the vista includes a brick wall or an alleyway, let us decorate it away! 

Botanical and Floral Prints --

Botanical and floral patterns have been growing in popularity, which means there are tons of options! Pro tip: think about what you want the space to feel like and then find the decorum that convey that feeling! 

Natural Materials --

Think of the patterns and color schemes you enjoy, and look to incorporate materials from the outdoors — natural wooden frames or wooden textures.  Pair these pieces with neutral palettes, and maybe some plants! 

Oversized works --

Don’t be afraid to go BIG with oversized art in your home. Large, framed photographic prints make excellent centerpieces!