The Art of Placing Art

You LOVE that, but where's it gonna gooo?

Trying to make a place feel like home is no small feat. Let’s face it, unless you yourself have designed every aspect of the space you inhabit (#lifegoals),  you’re most likely working within the confines of someone else’s idea of “living”. So, how do you turn a space that wasn’t created with your needs, wants and taste in mind into a home? Well, you get creative! 

Now, if you are anything like me, you’re probably thinking “awesome, thanks for that, but WTF does that even mean”? It means, we work with what we got!

Nooks & Cranies --

Any corner can make an impact or be turned into a cozy, inviting reading nook. Try hanging a mixture of family photos and art in various sizes for an eclectic, lived-in look.

Bathrooms --

The bathroom may be the most utilitarian room in the house, but! Bathrooms have the potential to become your favorite room!

Um, what Introspective Thinker meets Alluring Romantic wouldn’t want to take a bath here? The two-tone scheme exudes traditional elegance while the assortment of found objects provides the charm. — Photography by Nathan Kirkman & Anna Knott

Sometimes less really is more, and this bathroom proves it! Marrying an elegant design scheme with a curated sampling of your favorite things, makes any space feel engaging and bold! — Photography by Douglas Friedman

Who said size matters? This bathroom packs a punch, visit Pinterest Addict to see exactly how this look was accomplished.

Unlikely pairings, traditional fixtures and keeping to a strict color palette makes this a Rollicking Idealist’s dream!  You know, sometimes MORE is MORE!   — Photography by Alison Gootee; Styling by Suzonne Stirling

Slanted ceilings --

Don’t let a slanted ceiling stand in the way of your wall decor options. 

No head room? Maybe, maybe not! By embracing the angles and taking everything up to the ceiling (note the flush-mounted light fixtures and floor-to-ceiling bookcase), this attic conversion feels bright and airy.

When it comes to art, size matters with fit. The right mixture of color, furnishing and angles transformed a nice work of art into a statement piece!

This proves that you should never allow the room to dictate what you can and can’t do with it! The key to pulling this look off was working within the confines of the space and following the slope!

Bookcases --

Add an offbeat touch to shelving by placing framed photos front and center. On a recent Pinterest deep dive into hanging ideas, I discovered bloggers Beth and Bill (BandB Build a Life) who have a great tutorial on accomplishing this idea with a binder clip hack. Full disclosure: I have not tried this, but it looks doable — even for yours truly!