When Art Makes You Sick: Pt I Marc Quinn

When Art Makes You Sick: Pt I Mark Quinn

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Have you ever seen or tried to make a jello mold? Well in 1991, Marc Quinn did just that. Except instead of jello he used blood, his blood to be exact. Self was produced during a time when Quinn was an alcoholic and deals with notions of dependency. For instance, Self requires roughly 10 pints of the artist’s blood, which is drawn over the course of 5 months. The completed work is kept in special refrigeration units to prevent melting, further speaking to ideas of dependency. Since 1991, Quinn has continued to make a sculpture every 5 years. He considers them to be part of an ongoing conversation about life, death, ageing and all that jazz. 

[…] the artwork has to be like a magnet for your eyes and emotions so you are sort of hypnotized and don’t want to look away, after all we all spend most of our time trying to avoid feeling anything at all.


Marc Quinn